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Kanal2 presents Gala Night - The Great Estperience. For the first time, the Alexela Concert Hall transforms into a magical revue theater, where regular chairs are replaced with magnificent tables. The best Estonian songs of all time are performed by Evelin Võigemast, Tanel Padar, Tanja, Koit Toome, Getter Jaani, Ott Lepland, Birgit Sarrap, and Sepo Seeman. A spectacular visual and dance show can be enjoyed with a dinner by top chef Orm Oja.

1. Birgit Sarrap – Adored singer whose career is dear to all of Estonia, as she is the first winner of "The Estonian Idol." Birgit represented Estonia at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2013.

2. Tanja Mihhailova-Saar - An extraordinary artist whose singing and dancing skills have captivated the audience since the days of her first band Nightlight Duo, most popular TV show "Your Face Sounds Familiar," and her appearance on the Eurovision stage in 2014.

3. Getter Jaani - The winner of the show "The Ultimate Entertainer," known for her outstanding dance skills. She gained fame on "The Estonian Idol" and represented Estonia at the Eurovision in 2011.

4. Evelin Võigemast - A true diva of Estonian theater and the first winner of "Your Face Sounds Familiar".

5. Tanel Padar - A legend in the Estonian music scene, unmatched on rock stages. He not only represented Estonia at the Eurovision in 2001, but also won the contest!

6. Ott Lepland - The winner of the shows "The Estonian Idol" and "Laulupealinn." He has the most powerful male voice who represented Estonia at the Eurovision in 2012.

7. Koit Toome - An incredible singer with an unmatched voice and stage energy, who has represented Estonia at the Eurovision twice: in 1998 and 2017.

8. Sepo Seeman - An actor and comedian whose musical performances on "Your Face Sounds Familiar" and "A Sunday with Sepo" are part of Estonian comedy classics.

The host of the evening is Kait Kall, the scriptwriter of the gala and a prominent figure in the new generation of Estonian comedians.

A gourmet dinner will be prepared by top chef Orm Oja, a judge and host of "The MasterChef Estonia" and the head chef of several acclaimed restaurants.

In addition to the singers, the show features the best Estonian dancers, assembled into a unique super troupe exclusively for this performance.



The floor of the Alexela Concert Hall will be transformed entirely for this evening. Everyone is seated at beautifully set tables, enjoying the performance alongside a gourmet dinner prepared by Orm Oja, a true top chef and judge of "MasterChef Estonia." The grand experience on stage, combined with the three-course gourmet meal, makes the evening truly unique.


The evening unfolds in three acts, offering unique musical experiences and entertainment. The stars take the stage to perform their best songs and surprise the audience with special acts. Throughout the evening, you will enjoy a glamorous and festive atmosphere that makes this event truly "Unique."

There are two 30-minute intermissions during the performance, and the entire evening lasts for 3 hours.

The Great Estperience is an event where art and entertainment unite perfectly, creating something never seen before. Every detail is carefully crafted, and every moment is filled with shine and magic. You can luxuriously spend your time, listen to great music, savor a gourmet dinner, and share your emotions with all the other guests. This event will leave a lasting impression, and your participation will make it special.

The gala night is full of surprises worth waiting for!


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