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Thu, 2 December at 7 pm Vanemuine Concert Hall
Fri, 3 December at 7 pm Pärnu Concert Hall
Sat, 4 December at 7 pm Jõhvi Concert Hall
Tue, 7 December at 4 pm Estonia Concert Hall
(Concert series “Matinee Music” in Tallinn)
"Celtic Prayer Song"
Roisin Elsafty (Conamara style song) 
Ronan Browne (medieval Irish harp) 
Siobhán Armstrong (Irish whistle, bagpipe)
Comments by Jaan Tammsalu


Elsafty, Armstrong & Browne perform music from older layers of Irish music. From a tradition that, forgotten in the meantime, is now once again honored and fascinates the audience with its uniqueness.

"And until we meet
Until we meet again 
May God hold you in his palm" 

The text translations of the beloved pastor Jaan Tammsalu help us to partake in the extraordinary warmth and simplicity of Celtic prayers.

The concert is sponsored by the Embassy of Ireland

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