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Dmitry Metlitsky Orchestra & Vienna show Ballet

Ma 7.11.2022 19:00 - Ti 8.11.2022 20:45
33.20 - 57.10
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«Dmitry Metlitsky Orchestra & Vienna Ballet Show»       

Holiday concert!
It is grand, amazing, beautiful!
All hits from Vivaldi to Metallica, accompanied by a unique dance show (continuation)

25 November - Jõhvi /Jõhvi Kontserdimaja - 19:00
26 November - Tallinn / Alexela Kontserdimaja - 19:00
27 November - Tartu / Vanemuise Kontserdimaja - 19:00
28 November - Pärnu / Pärnu Kontserdimaja - 19:00

The music that won the hearts of millions of listeners around the world performed by the best musicians of Europe with the participation of the stars of the world show ballet.

The concert program combines stunning music and a spectacular dance show staged by world famous choreographers. Amazing temperamental performance, exclusive dance numbers, unique production and stunning costumes will leave an unforgettable impression.

Dmitry Metlitsky, a multi-instrumentalist composer, is called modern Mozart - beautiful melodies, stunning arrangements and performance penetrate the heart and win listeners from the first notes. It is impossible to describe these emotions in words - this must be heard!

"I am pleased to present you a concert where the sound is magical, along with the dance, like a flame - a fairy tale plot, will present a world of love and passion ..." - Dmitry Metlitsky.

In the program of the concert, the best and beloved by millions of listeners legendary hits that have become masterpieces of world music, they will sound in unique arrangements in a modern style and allow listeners to enjoy vivid and unforgettable emotions.

The arrangement of Vivaldi’s music “Summer (Storm)” and “Ave Maria” performed by the orchestra is considered one of the best in the world, and Dmitry Metlitsky’s music “The Fire of Love” is recognized as the best new-age composition in the nomination “Music Without Borders”.

The powerful energy of music, combined with modern arrangements and technical capabilities create a feeling of complete immersion in the atmosphere of the magic of music and the magic of dance.

Soloists of the orchestra, true masters of their craft, who, with their talent and energy, make listeners rejoice and cry, love and be inspired. Each concert of the orchestra is an amazing show and a real celebration for the soul and heart.

The orchestra gives concerts in different countries, at major European venues, festivals, and grateful listeners always greet with a standing ovation and do not let go of the orchestra after the concert, forcing them to repeatedly play encore.

This is a unique opportunity to enjoy an impressive show and amazing elite music that won the hearts of millions of listeners.

More details: http://concert.dmitrymetlitsky.com/

Promo: https://youtu.be/c8ki0_Nx5M4


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