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Kõrvits / Kareva. Laulud valu allikalt

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Thu, 23 November 19.00 Estonia Concert Hall

Fri, 24 November 19.00 Pärnu Concert Hall

Sun, 26 November 17.00 Jõhvi Concert Hall

Tue, 28 November 19.00 Vanemuine Concert Hall

Kõrvits / Kareva

Songs from the spring of pain


Maria Valdmaa (soprano)

Jacob van Reuven (mandolin)

M4GNET string quartet
Robert Traksmann (violin)
Katariina Maria Kits (violin)
Mart Kuusma (viola)
Siluan Hirvoja (cello)   



Tõnu Kõrvits / Doris Kareva. “Songs from the spring of pain” (première)

Because there’s nothing more powerful than a woman singing the blues


Tõnu Kõrvits:

Doris and I had been thinking about a new cycle. Something intimate, like chamber music. A broken heart, break-up, hope, love. I have wanted to use a mandolin for a long time. I have been playing this instrument for twenty years but have only written a few pieces for it. The mandolin is complemented by a string quartet. And a soloist. And a female voice...

Without intermission, duration 1h 


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