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LOSSIMUUSIKA Mizuki Shindo- flööt (Jaapan), Anneli Tohver- klaver

Su 28.4.2019 18:00
Kadrioru loss, Tallinn
8.50 - 12.50

Concerts at the Kadriorg Palace on Sundays at 6 pm

Kadriorg Palace is one the most well known and beautiful historic concert halls in Estonia offering memorable music experiences already for many decades. The tradition of performing music in the baroque palace goes back to 18th century when court music accompanied the daily life. The palace has had the pleasure to welcome many international artists and ensembles for outstanding performances.

The construction of the Kadriorg Palace was started by the Tsar Peter the Great of Russia in 1718. It was named Catharinenthal (in Estonian Kadriorg) in honour of his wife Catherine I. The palace was designed by the Italian architect Nicola Michetti and its abundantly decorated main hall is one of the most exquisite examples of baroque architecture both in Estonia and in northern Europe.
Kadriorg Palace has always been the crown jewel of Tallinn. The small festive tsars’ palace in the style of Roman Baroque, surrounded by a regular garden, with fountains, hedges and flowerbeds, planned after the model of Versailles.
The palace was a summer residence of Russian emperors untill 1917. In the 1920s, and again in 1946-1991 palace served as the main building of the Art Museum of Estonia. In the 1930s, it was the residence of the Head of State of the Estonian Republic. In 2000, it was opened as the Kadriorg Art Museum, which displays the largest collection of old Russian and Western European art in Estonia.
The artistic director of the Palace Music Concert Series is Aare Tammesalu.
In cooperation of the Art Museum of Estonia.
Tickets costing 8/12 € are on sale at the Kadriorg Art Museum and Piletilevi outlets. The concert tickets are also valid for museum visits on the day of the concert.
Estonian Ministry of Culture
The Cultural Endowment of Estonia
Estonian Public Broadcasting
In cooperation with
Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre
Estonian National Symphony Orchestra
Special thanks:
Tallinn Tourist Information Centre
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LOSSIMUUSIKA Mizuki Shindo- flööt (Jaapan), Anneli Tohver- klaver Su 28.4.2019 18:00 Kadrioru loss, Tallinn 8.50 - 12.50
Täispilet 12 €
Õpilane / tudeng / pensionär 8 €
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