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Nogu Svelo! / Ногу Свело!

Pe 11.1.2019 22:00
Park Lounge, Fr. R. Kreutzwaldi 23
29.50 - 249.50
“Nogu Svelo!” is a band that, according to its leader, Max Pokrovsky, lived "30 years to spite show business."

It is under this name, very accurately transmitting the rebellious spirit and independent style of this cult band, in Haven Kakumäe on July 21, 2018 will be held a large jubilee concert.

You will find a unique show in which new songs will make the company to the hits, which for many years loves and sings the whole country ("Haru Mamburu", "Go to the East!", "Midget Love", "Our Young Funny Voices"), and the live performance harmoniously connect with modern technologies.

The opposites will live in love and harmony, the unreal will become real – because it is in the essence and nature of the band "Nogu Svelo!" The cause of success and stability of the band has always been and will be its spontaneity and unpredictability.

"We would be happy to go with the flow," - recognized the founder of the band Maxim Pokrovsky - "but we are constantly in a whirlwind, it at one moment ejects us to the strand, at another rises us on the wave. However, such motion only at first glance seems chaotic. In fact, it is simply our unique path, and we know exactly where we are going."

The musicians will spend the whole year up to the day of submission – July 21 – in the mode of preparation for the concert.

It will not be boring! Haru Mamburu!
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Nogu Svelo! / Ногу Свело! Pe 11.1.2019 22:00 Park Lounge, Fr. R. Kreutzwaldi 23 29.50 - 249.50
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Fr. R. Kreutzwaldi 23 Tallinn Viro
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