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Rahvusvaheline visuaalteatrifestival NuQ Treff 2019

Ke 22.5.2019 18:00 - Su 26.5.2019 23:59
6.50 - 25.50
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Theatre is alive, if it is able to translate its past experiences and future visions into a theatrical language that speaks to the modern viewer. It can speak through a depth of content or a surprise of form, or a symbiosis of both. The festival is a wonderful opportunity to get a concentrated overview of what is currently in the air – in terms of content as well as form.

The renewed and henceforth biennial NuQ Treff is a festival curated by an artistic council that keeps a finger on the pulse of contemporary puppet, object and visual theatre, searching for an inspiring dialogue of form and content, tradition and innovation.

The festival repertoire comprises programmes for children and youth as well as adults, featuring internationally outstanding shows as well as exploratory productions of NUKU Theatre. The festival is, of course, also a communication environment for practitioners, with meetings in workshops and lectures and discussions in the festival club.

Previous headliners of the festival have been Philippe Genty, Gisele Vienne, Paul Zaloom, WHS & Sunsoo-Ahn Pick-Up Group, Duda Paiva, and many more.

The next NuQ Treff Festival will be held in spring 2019, from 23rd to 26th May.

Tapahtuman verkkosivu: http://www.nuku.ee/festival

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