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Su 29.3.2020 16:00 - To 30.4.2020 19:00
13.60 - 17.00
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A romance about the future by Siret Campbell



Director Ain Mäeots
Scenographer and costume designer Maarja Meeru
Video designer and visual electronic solutions Emer Värk
Musical designer Leslie DaBass
Lighting designer Meelis Lusmägi

In roles Priit Strandberg, Marian Heinat, Andres Mähar, Veiko Porkanen, Linda Kolde, Liina Tennosaar, Kärt Tammjärv, Karol Kuntsel, Tanel Jonas, Karmo Nigula

Beatrice looks at the future, using an engrossing format to examine the lives of people several decades from now at a time when technological progress has given humankind new and more beneficial possibilities for everyday life and entertainment. Who wouldn’t want to live a better, more multifaceted and longer life? Immortality is something that has been sought since the dawn of time. Can technology develop an elixir that banishes our greatest fear and obstacle to enjoying life?

The characters in this play aren’t inventors or superheroes – they don’t travel to undiscovered planets or own laser weapons. Tom and Kristi are ordinary people who try to live their lives and love each other. When they lose it all, there’s still a way to get it all back. Beatrice shows up and life can go on. However, the new life is something unprecedented and it isn’t that easy to cope with it.

The playwright, Siret Campbell, says:
As I was thinking about the nature of time and era in the course of writing, two landmarks appeared on the horizon for me. First of all, the action in Beatrice takes place during the same era as the stories in Doomsday (directed by Neil Marshall) and I, Robot (directed by Alex Proyas). These types of plots are quite common in literary or cinematic fantasies of what will happen several decades down the road.
Another thing is that at the time that the events in my play take place, my children will be the same age as the characters. This made me wonder: if every generation wants life to be better than it was in all previous eras, what’s the thing that will start improving their generation? What kind of progress will they dream of? And in turn, is there something they don’t want to give up under any circumstance, are prepared to fight for? Technologies aren’t developed for the sake of technologies. I’m interested in what everyday life is like for the people of the future, what inspires them and what they shrink from. Letting my thoughts wander like this has been very exciting.

Premiere on 21 October 2017 at the Grand Building.


Tapahtuman verkkosivu: http://www.vanemuine.ee/repertuaar/beatrice/

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