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 Choose an event  

When you have found the event you want to buy tickets to, then click the button 'Buy now!' next to the chosen event.


 Log in  

Please enter your username and password, click 'OK' – and you are ready to buy in the WebShop.  

NB! To receive your tickets confortably and without extra problems – fill all information fields with correct and true information, because the tickets are issued on the ground of ID to the person who’s name you entered when creating your account.



 Enter (discount/card) code  

To buy discount tickets with a (card) code please enter your code in the code field and click 'OK'  



 Choose tickets  

From drop-down menus you can choose where, with which price and how many tickets to buy. When you have chosen the seats and tickets, click on button 'View tickets' and the program will show you the seats/places in the chosen section and price category. You can choose among sections and price categories, but not among individual seats.



NB! When buying EMT discount tickets remember to write the number of desired discount tickets into the EMT code discount field.

When you have found desired tickets, click the link 'Add to cart'.


You can add to the cart several different tickets to several different events. To add to cart more tickets click 'Choose next tickets to cart'. When you have added all the desired tickets to the cart, click on button 'Next'. 




 Choose delivery procedure  


In the opened window you can choose the way you want to receive your tickets.
NB! Picking them up at a sales office – additional 10 EEK will be added to the payment, receiving tickets by courier service (in Estonia) – additional 75 EEK will be added.
Click on button ’Next’. 









Choose the payment method and you will be redirected to secure bank pages to make the payment.

NB! If you pay with credit card you can receive your tickets 3 (three) days after the payment.

NB! After completing the payment please remember to click on button ’Back to the merchant’, because you need a order confirmation number to receive tickets.

SebraTicket (PDF-ticket) you can print out immediately or later from your mailbox. 

NB! Tickets are issued only if you have with you the order confirmation number and personal ID document.