Baltic Ticket Holdings
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Ticketing system:
- Local sales network
- International sales (open Your salespoint anywhere in the world without any
  special equipment)
- Internet shops (local banklinks – credit card payments +
   implemented 16 local bank-links)
- Cross-sales between connected countries
- Subcentres’ functionality for promoters, theatres, venues to administer and
  use it as own ticketing program
- Multilanguage
- Technical requirements:
   - PC
   - internet connection, speed min 128kbps



- hard (paper) tickets
- electronic tickets
- pdf

- sms 2D for
- ordinary mobile phones
- smartphones
- client cards and other electronic carriers
  (2D barcode, 1D barcode, RFID)

Sales & marketing:

- easy managing of different ticket prices for one seat
  (or standing tickets)
- package sales of tickets
- season tickets
- automatic group discounts
- electronic discount codes

- festival functionality

Internet shop functionality:

- seat selection

- discount (promotional codes) codes

- custom shop-design by promoter or venue or theatre


Entrance checking systems and programs

- all tickets can be checked electronically
- selection by gates, 

- notifications
  - pricegroups (for example: check discount rights)
  - wrong, double, wrong gate etc
- In-Out-In functionality (for festivals)
- On-line
- Off-line





Ticket Machine:
- special user interface
- payments with card terminal

-  purchasing internet orders





Info and ad-screen management
- managed over internet (80 screens in Estonia and 30 screens in Lithuania)
- on-line event lists

- videos

- banners