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Piletilevi’s announcement regarding the extension of a state of emergency in the Republic of Estonia

The Government of the Republic extended the length of the emergency situation until the May, 17th. Piletilevi will handle all operations related to the postponed or cancelled events as soon as we have been given the needed information from the promoters. If the event You have purchased a ticket for is postponed or cancelled, we will contact You as soon as possible. We will send an e-mail letter to all the owners of PDF-tickets and add the information to our website, which You can find on your event’s page at You don’t need to contact us personally.


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Piletilevi’s announcement regarding the establishment of a state of emergency in the Republic of Estonia

Due to the state of emergency established by the Government of the Republic on 12 March 2020, all public gatherings in the Republic of Estonia are prohibited until 1 May 2020. This means that pursuant to law, no cultural and entertainment events can take place during this period. In this regard, we urge all clients to exercise patience until event organisers have worked out definite postponement or cancellation plans, laid down the terms and conditions for exchanging or refunding purchased tickets, and the necessary resources have been allocated.

LENNY KRAVITZ brings his Here To Love Tour to Tallinn

Lenny Kravitz announces his upcoming “Here to Love” Tour 2020 coming to Tallinn, Estonia on June 6. This comes on the heels of a monumental two-year world tour.

RAMMSTEIN Tallinn show tickets are on sale now!

The show in Estonia will take plane on July 21, 2020 at Tallinn Song Festival Grounds.

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Folk Music Celebration moves to Freedom Square and is free for everyone

The main concert of the folk music party to be held as part of the XXVII Song and XX Dance Celebration on 5 July will be taking place on Freedom Square in Tallinn instead of the initially planned Poolamägi because of the exceptionally high interest of the audiences. The Folk Music Celebration, which is moving to a larger venue, is free for everyone.

According to Juhan Uppin, Creative Director of the Folk Music Celebration, interest in folk music is unusually high in Estonia and it keeps growing every year. “The record number of musicians who registered for the party and rapid ticket sales showed us that Poolamägi would have been too small for folk music lovers this time,” said Uppin. “Therefore, the organisers started looking for alternative solutions and, as requested by the musicians, decided to move the party to the heart of the city. This allows us to welcome many more music lovers.”

Piletilevi will be refunding the tickets bought in advance to the folk music concert of 5 July from Tuesday, 23 April. Piletilevi itself will transfer the money back to those who bought the tickets online. The people who bought their tickets from retail outlets can return them to all Piletilevi outlets, except for Circle K service stations.

The separate repertoires of nine different types of instruments can be heard at the main concert of the folk music party: small zithers, Estonian zithers, chromatic zithers, violins, concertinas, plucked string instruments, accordions, bagpipes and a combined orchestra. All musicians who are not currently playing in a band could also sign up for the party.

“Each instrument will perform five pieces,” said Uppin. “The entire repertoire is related to the main idea of the party, which is ‘My Fatherland is My Love’, and values traditions and maintaining them.” Traditional Estonian pieces as well as some new music will be played in all types. All arrangements will be created specially for this party.

All types will perform at the main concern of the folk music party, which will be held at 14:00 on 5 July on Freedom Square in Tallinn.

The zithers will perform their separate concert “The Night of the Zithers” at the Methodist Church in the evening of 4 July and the buyback of tickets does not concern this.