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Tuhkatriinu / Cinderella

Ti 5.3.2024 19:00 - Ma 25.11.2024 21:00
24.90 - 295.60
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Ballet in two acts to music by Sergei Prokofiev
Choreography by Cristiano Principato
Artists from
Paris Opera Ballet (Paris)
Compañía Nacional de Danza (Madrid)
Dutch National Ballet (Amsterdam)
Finnish National Ballet (Helsinki)
Estonian National Ballet (Tallinn)
Choreographer Cristiano Principato and art producer Sander Sellin (Estonian Ballet Agency) created a unique concept which unites dancers from four leading European ballet companies with the local artists of the Estonian National Ballet. An international team will share the stage in a full-length fairytale ballet, bringing to life a completely new production of Cinderella.
Based on the fairy tale by Charles Perrault, Cinderella has become one of the most famous and beloved works of the ballet world. The production tells the story of a young girl named Cinderella, a pure and kind soul who lives trapped in daily chores by her evil stepmother and stepsisters. However, one special day, the magic of her Fairy Godmother takes her right to the royal ball, where she meets the handsome prince of the kingdom and an enchanted bond develops between them.
The ballet "Cinderella" is known for its breathtaking dancing, rich in both romantic and comic moments, and its stunning costumes. The music of Sergei Prokofiev inspiredly conveys the emotions and atmosphere of the fairy tale, making “Cinderella” an unforgettable performance that attracts audiences and touches hearts with its beauty and magic.
The choreography of the production has a very strong classical language, as an homage to the beautiful heritage that Petipa left to our generation, together with a slight neoclassical twist which belongs to each and every stage work by choreographer Cristiano Principato.
This story of love, gentleness and fabulous transformations charms viewers of all ages and reminds us of the power of kindness in our world - good things happen to good people.


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Osta lippu Tuhkatriinu / Cinderella Tuhkatriinu / Cinderella Rahvusooper Estonia, Tallinn
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