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Pe 29.3.2019 11:00 - La 8.6.2019 15:30
6.50 - 9.50
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In this screen puppet show a sparrow goes to visit crows, bears, foxes, bees, flowers and children to learn about their homes and what are the names of their homes.

A crow's house is a nest,
a bear's house is a cave.
The fox lives in a burrow,
and the bee lives in a hive.
The flower is in a garden
and a human's home is a house.

Helle Laas or Katri Pekri, Are Uder and Riho Tammert

Author and director: Helle Laas
Designer: Riina Vanhanen

Tapahtuman verkkosivu: http://www.nuku.ee

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