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Estonian Fashion Festival

To 6.6.2024 18:00 - Su 9.6.2024 23:59
60.50 - 101.50
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6-9 June 2024
Estonian Fashion Festival
Estonian Fashion Festival is a multi-day fashion festival that showcases designers adhering to sustainable principles and is organised in an environmentally friendly way. The festival’s highlights are three different fashion shows. The side program includes various exhibitions, workshops, fashion films, trainings and a seminar.
The founding members of the Estonian Fashion Festival are Pallas University of Applied Sciences, Tartu Centre for Creative Industries, the University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy and the city of Tartu. Estonian Fashion Festival is part of the Tartu 2024 European Capital of Culture programme.
6 June 2024 // Knorringu Aadlimaja (doors open at 17.00, show starts at 18.00)
Mood-Performance-Dance (MPT) is a one-of-a-kind fashion show in Estonia that combines fashion, performance and dance in a unique way. MPT gives budding fashion designers the opportunity to showcase their exceptional designs on a platform that is as unusual as themselves. The designers’ works are presented to the audience in a truly eye-catching and playful performance. MPT always encourages unique and unusual ideas in collections, performances, decorations, and locations.
7 June 2024 // Knorringu Aadlimaja
/Estonian Design Showroom/
The showroom brings together the best of Estonian designers. With the showroom, we give designers access to international contacts by involving in the event both local and international fashion decision-makers and professionals. The designers exhibiting in the showroom present at the Antonius fashion show and in the pop-up area after the show.
8 June 2024 // ERM
/Seminar Greenery/
Estonian Fashion Festival seminar Greenery focuses on sustainable and environmentally friendly fashion and design in order to promote sustainability among consumers, designers and the general public.
The seminar will feature talks by circular economy and design experts, sustainable designers and organizations dedicated to sustainability. In addition to informative presentations, the audience is invited to join in the discussion about making more sustainable choices. Inspirational stories are shared by circular entrepreneurs.
8 June 2024 // ERM (doors open at 17.00, the performance starts at 18.00)
/Antonius Fashion Show/
Antonius Fashion Show (AFS) is a fashion show of ready-to-wear collections where great attention is placed on the wearability, practicality, environmentally friendly production and sale of clothing.
9 June 2024 // ERM (doors open at 17.00, the performance starts at 18.00)
OmaMood show brings to viewers the spirit of traditional handicrafts in modern styling. It supports the creation and wearing of clothes inspired by the local crafts heritage and produced in line with the principles of a sustainable, slow design movement.

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