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Circum Absurdum is a performance produced by the Von Krahl Theatre, Utopia Entertainment and Circus Absurdum that premiered in the Nobel hall at the Noblessner foundry in October 2023.


Circum Absurdum tells the fairytale story of becoming a human being. It is a playful journey through the absurdities of life to finding oneself. Circum Absurdum is a three-act narrative that we all write in our lives.

Or is it written for us?


From the moment of our brutally violent births we must blindly fight against chaos, as if walking on a knife’s edge, to grow, protest, battle, fall in love for the first time, lose and win through the major events of our lives. This is nothing more than helplessly struggling to strike a balance between good and evil. Fighting for the light against the dark. Or is it the other way round? Which kingdom would you prefer to reign over?


We invite you to join us on an adventure full of passions, illusions, fears, disbelief and discoveries. To create a new world full of beauty and grandeur and, more than anything else, love. Circum Absurdum is a contemporary circus performance in modern cabaret style. It is an extravagant and powerful production that unites dance with theatre, music, magic and the circus.


Extraordinary artists will lead the audience on a journey through the body, the senses, feelings and fantasy.

Come and be part of something bigger than life itself. Because what your mind believes is true – even if no one else believes it...


Ringmaster: Ingmar Jõela
Special guest: Alika Milova
Acrobats: AN2M (Maksim Nikolajev & Andrei Medvedski)
Magician: Meelis Kubo
Circus artists: Jaan Roose, Lizeth Wolk & Laura Kivistik
CYR wheel: Aleksey Smolov
Players, dancers & artists: Utopia Entertainment
(Aleksander Eeri Laupmaa, Marleen Jõela, Greta Raidma, Öösike Niit, Liina Lehis, Mirjam Luhakooder, Kadi Virnhoff, Miika Pihlak, Allar Valge, Eliisabel Jõela, Kaisa Kattai & Germo Toonikus)
Video artist: Alyona Movko-Mägi
Special solutions: Trikivabrik
Lighting: Timo Tali
Sound: Alo Jaanivald
Director: Ingmar Jõela
Choreographers: Marleen Jõela, Liisa Laine, Eliisa Sirelpuu, Greta Raidma, Eliisabel Jõela & Sten Paluoja

Music design: Ingmar Jõela



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