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Five Finger Death Punch

Ti 11.6.2024 19:30
Unibet Arena
69.90 - 79.90

Estonian metal enthusiasts, brace yourselves! Five Finger Death Punch, renowned as one of the most formidable heavy metal bands of the 21st century, is set to unleash an unforgettable performance in Tallinn on June 11, 2024, at Unibet Arena as part of their highly anticipated European tour. This show is bound to be a source of solace for fans who were left disappointed by the canceled performance in 2022. Fear not, as 5FDP is committed to making amends and delivering an exceptional experience! Joining them on stage as a special guest is Ice Nine Kills.

 Hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada, Five Finger Death Punch emerged onto the heavy metal scene in 2005, quickly establishing themselves as a powerhouse with a dynamic lineup and a series of chart-topping albums. Led by original members Ivan Moody and Zoltan Bathory, the band has garnered numerous awards and certifications, solidifying their status as heavy metal icons.

Ivan Moody, the band's vocalist, delivers a powerful performance that seamlessly transitions between intense screams and clean singing. Known for their versatility, Five Finger Death Punch has also produced successful ballads, showcasing their ability to connect with a broad audience. Their music has been streamed over 11 billion times on various platforms, and for the past five years they have held a solid position in the top three of Billboard's hard rock chart.

 Hits such as "The Bleeding", "Hard to See", and "Wrong Side of Heaven" have earned them accolades, including RadioContraband Rock Radio Awards and multiple Platinum certifications. With a string of Platinum and Gold-certified albums, including their debut "The Way of the Fist" and their latest release "AfterLife", Five Finger Death Punch has consistently delivered a signature blend of heavy riffs, melodic choruses, and socially conscious lyrics.

 Five Finger Death Punch - Judgment Day: Judgment Day


“This is the ninth record, and at this point everyone knows who we are and the sound,” explained Zoltan few years back talking latest release “Afterlife”. “It’s very difficult to achieve a signature sound, but when you have that, you have nothing to prove and it allows you to venture farther away. Take Queen: you can’t categorise Queen, and that’s the place you want to be, because you can do anything. For us, I think this is the record where that’s really starting. For an artist, as much as you want to be free, there’s all this expectation, and you set yourself up, like, ‘I have all these hit songs so I have to keep repeating that.’ That’s why I mentioned Queen, because those guys didn’t give a shit, they wrote whatever they felt like writing. That’s as honest as music can be.”

 Five Finger Death Punch - The Tragic Truth: The Tragic Truth


 Five Finger Death Punch’s live shows are characterized by high energy and intensity, promising an unforgettable experience for fans. Incorporating cutting-edge technology, the band aims to create an immersive and mind-blowing atmosphere.

Zoltan emphasized, “You want that magic and suspended disbelief. You want a live show that is a tribal experience and blows your mind! You want to be able to say, ‘I was there when that happened!’”

 Mark your calendars for Five Finger Death Punch's performance in Tallinn on June 11th, 2024. 

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Five Finger Death Punch Ti 11.6.2024 19:30 Unibet Arena 69.90 - 79.90
Tapahtuma Five Finger Death Punch
Päivä / Aika Ti 11.6.2024 19:30
Tapahtumapaikka Unibet Arena
Hinta 69.90 - 79.90
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Unibet Arena
Paldiski mnt 104B Tallinn Põhja-Eesti Viro
Tapahtuman järjestäjä
Live Nation Estonia OÜ
Live Nation Estonia OÜ
Staapli 4-33 Tallinn 10415 Harju
+372 615 0051/ info@livenation.ee
Reg No: 10676276
Tapahtuma Five Finger Death Punch
Päivä / Aika Ti 11.6.2024 19:30
Tapahtumapaikka Unibet Arena
Hinta 69.90 - 79.90
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