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Retrobest Festival 2024 / Päevapilet 28.06

Pe 28.6.2024 18:00
Pühajärve park, Otepää

Retrobest 2024 will be headlined by Gipsy Kings and C.C Catch

Next year's period festival Retrobest offers nostalgia and dance joy for every taste by Pühajärv. Gipsy Kings will bring the best-known Spanish rhythms to the dance floor, Dario G will start the disco on the beach stage, and the Golden Trio, consisting of Jüri Vlassov, Peeter Oja, and Sepo Seeman, will celebrate its stage jubilee with a magnificent special program.

Gipsy Kings will be one of the headliners at Retrobest at the end of June. The band's best-known songs, such as "Bamboleo" and "Voilare", bring pleasant rumba and flamenco rhythms to the listener. C.C., a talent discovered by Dieter Bohlen, comes to Pühajärvi with German pop music. Catch. Retro radio favorites such as “Soul Survivor”, “Strangers By Night” and “Cause You Are Young” are played. The band's 50th stage anniversary is celebrated by the Golden Trio at Pühajärvi. Jüri Vlassov, Sepo Seeman, and Peeter Oja will take the stage with a spectacular special program, which will be a retrospective of the Golden Trio's biggest hits such as "Kui Sa Minu Tädi Naed", "Hopp, Johanna" and "Kurgid Sulle, Raha Mulle".

Bad Boys Blue and Wanda Dee, who paved the way for modern hip-hop artists and lent her voice to many of The KLF's songs, bring fresh currency from abroad. Kelly Llorenna, the female voice of N-Trance's best-known song "Set You Free", whose hits include the dance songs "Tell It To My Heart" and "Dress You Up" will also come to Southern Estonia in the new year. Zaragossa Band from Germany will make period fans go crazy with the hits "Zabadak" and "Chico Chico". In the new year, the beach stage will once again become a discotheque with a wonderful view, where DJ Quicksilver will play his hits "Ameno" and "Bellissima". The 1998 FIFA World Cup anthem "Carnaval De Paris" can be heard performed by Dario G.

Beloved artists from the homeland also come to Pühajärvi. Anne Veski, a firm favorite of the crowded festival visitors, brings the main stage to the front with the first note. "Girl in Black Dress" and "Nii Kuum On Tunne" are just a small sample of the upcoming song list for 2 Quick Start performances. Terminator brings its arsenal of hits, including "July Snow" and "Fairytale Forest", to Pühajärvi. The band Legend, which consists of Rolf Roosalu, Marvi Vallaste, and Lauri Pihlap, performs world-famous dance hits from the 1970s. A powerful DJ show will be given by Kivisaar & Kolsar.

There will be no shortage of hits at Retrobest, Estonia's biggest style party on June 28 and 29 in Otepää. Guests of Retrobest are kindly invited to wear retro clothing and accessories. The festival territory is divided into several attractive areas with surprises for every age group and era fan. Only the fastest tickets at a special price! Festival passes start at 65 euros.


Admission is free for those accompanying visitors in wheelchairs or visitors with other mobility difficulties. Visitors with special needs (based on proof) and their escort are guaranteed entry without a queue at the main gate. Parking with a disabled card is free in all festival parking lots. Access to a special platform is guaranteed for visitors in wheelchairs and their companions. If you have questions about accessibility, please contact info@monstermusic.ee or the INFO point at the main gate.

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Tapahtuma Päivä / Aika Tapahtumapaikka Hinta  
Retrobest Festival 2024 / Päevapilet 28.06 Pe 28.6.2024 18:00 Pühajärve park, Otepää 49.50
Tapahtuma Retrobest Festival 2024 / Päevapilet 28.06
Päivä / Aika Pe 28.6.2024 18:00
Tapahtumapaikka Pühajärve park, Otepää
Hinta 49.50

NB! An agency fee of €2.10 - €12.50 is added to the nominal ticket prices

2-day passes:

Standard pass from €65
Standard pass + camping €80
Passport for a child aged 13-17 years (incl.) €30
VIP Pass: €190
VIP neck card, separate entrance to the festival, and the VIP area of the concert area with a separate bar, toilets

Admission is free for children up to 12 years of age (including).
Entrance from 18:00
It is an open-air event

Pühajärve park, Otepää
Ranna tee, Otepää linn Otepää vald Lõuna-Eesti Viro
Tapahtuman järjestäjä
Monster Music OÜ
Pärnu mnt 28 Tallinn Harjumaa
+372 56708010 / info@monstermusic.ee
Reg No: 12146246
Tapahtuma Retrobest Festival 2024 / Päevapilet 28.06
Päivä / Aika Pe 28.6.2024 18:00
Tapahtumapaikka Pühajärve park, Otepää
Hinta 49.50
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