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“Tango in the Shadows”
Director and Choreographer: Marcos Ayala
What happens when an attraction (a naive and brilliant, and deeply human attraction) defeats the thought? When every part of who we are is, suddenly, marvelously and dangerously part of a whole.
Is there a possible way to achieve it without transforming ourselves?
Is there a way to transform ourselves without dying a little?
"Tango in the shadows" summons an experience of absolute communion with the music of the “Rio de la Plata”. He dares to address with true scenic feelings that are a substantial part of tango and makes them part of their own language and avant-garde.
Power or desire, selfishness and possession, the impulse to love until death; assault the stage overflowing and questioning the viewer: How is it possible that what gives us pleasure also cause us pain? Of what extraordinary virtue is composed the nostalgia of the tango to move us between the clear and the dark?
Marcos Ayala (director, choreographer and performer) and Paola Camacho (his partenaire) succeed in embodying, in the skin of two antagonistic beings, two opposing worlds, the primordial universe of those who collide, agree and must be tested, surrendering themselves, perhaps the edge of its own limits.
Can they finally embrace the light and darkness?



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