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Access Control App 'ENTER' for Android devices

ENTER is an application for scanning tickets at events. 

First version of ENTER app is a stand-alone, offline application, best suited for smaller events, were 1 scanner is enough for controlling tickets. 

Download the app, log in with your Piletilevi user credentials and control the tickets. We can also give the right to control the tickets of your event to other users, who are authorized by you. 



Logging in

For logging in, user needs to have username and password of ticketing system. See the table of user profiles.

During successful log in the user is recognised by ticketing system and user can start choosing dates and events.


Selecting event(s)

Events are listed by dates. User can navigate to selected date and select event. User can select several events on different dates. When all the desired events are selected, user presses ‘SCAN THE TICKETS’ and moves to scanning view.  


NB! During the log in, selecting events for scanning and pressing ‘SCAN THE TICKETS’ - Android device needs an internet connection. 


Scanning event(s)

User can scan tickets (entering, exiting & re-entering), insert the ticket ID manually and see the app’s answer to every ticket. 

Progress-bars show of numbers scanned tickets, by types: Hard Tickets, PDF-tickets, M-tickets, All ticket (and also Cards).


Ending the Scanning

When all the tickets have entered, after scanning, user chooses ‘END SCANNING’ from NAVIGATION menu and scanning results are compiled into file and sent to BO.







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