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Change in the Piletilevi environment log-in

Dear user

The Piletilevi environment login system will be updated starting May 30th, and in connection with this, your new username will be your e-mail address.

In the event that you had several different user accounts associated with the e-mail address, we have now brought these accounts together as one.
Therefore, all previously purchased tickets and purchase history are now conveniently available from a single account.
If you have forgotten your login password, go to Piletilevi's website and click on the login icon located at the top right - from there you will find a reference with the text "Forgot your password".
Clicking on it will open the password update view, from there you will find further instructions for changing the password.

If you want to change the e-mail address associated with your account, you must log in with the currently valid e-mail address, and you can add a new address under the account settings.
The name of the corresponding view is "My account" and you can find the necessary references to change it under your profile data.

Best wishes
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