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Romeo ja Julia

We 24/04/2024 19:00 - Th 16/05/2024 19:00
21.60 - 30.00
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Showy and spectacular ballet based on motifs from the timeless Shakespeare play!

W. Shakespeare, S. Prokofiev, P. Zuska

Composer Sergei Prokofiev
Musical director & conductor Taavi Kull
Choreographer and director Petr Zuska (Czech National Opera)
Artist Jan Dušek
Costume artist Pavel Knolle
Lighting designer Pavel Dautovský

Vanemuine ballet soloists and troupe
Vanemuine Symphony Orchestra

Romeo: In bed asleep while they do dream things true.
Mercutio: Oh, then, I see Queen Mab hath been with you.
What happens after Romeo dreams of Queen Mab? Shakespeare’s tragic and sincere love story has captivated audiences for centuries. The Prokofiev ballet has done so since 1938 when it premiered at the Czechoslovakian National Theatre in Brno. Since that time, Shakespeare’s work has graced nearly all of the world’s ballet stages large and small.
The director of the Vanemuine’s neoclassicist-tinged version is the artistic director of the Czech National Ballet, Petr Zuska.

The new Romeo and Juliet is worth seeing. This progressive and unique spectacle will surely go down in history as a turning point in contemporary ballet, an innovative work that integrates the deeper aspects of human existence with classical drama, a captivating musical accompaniment and inventive choreography.“
(Martina Doležalová, Nenudte.se, 16 November 2013)

“This grand masterpiece ushers in Zuska’s mature period. The fluid style stresses the dramatic continuity of motion, creating a mesh of complex contrasts. In a natural manner, the production unites classical ballet and stage technology, without getting in the way of the audience’s emotional connection to what is unfolding on the stage. The crowd scenes are captivating: Zuska controls the spatial movement like a conductor, from forte to pianissimo. She has control of every instrument and every detail helps to create general synergy. There’s no doubt that Zuska keeps our theatrical arts at an international level.”
(Nina Vangeli, Aktualně.cz, 18 November 2013)

Premiere 29 September 2018, the Vanemuine Grand Building.
World premiere 14 November 2013, Czech National Opera.



Events website: http://www.vanemuine.ee/repertuaar/romeo-ja-julia/


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Buy ticket Romeo ja Julia Romeo ja Julia Teater Vanemuine, suur maja, Tartu
Buy ticket Romeo ja Julia Romeo ja Julia Teater Vanemuine, suur maja, Tartu
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