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Faithless - Live Tour 2024. Champion Sound

Su 01/09/2024 20:00
Unibet Arena blackbox
At the end of the summer, electronic giants Faithless will perform in Tallinn
Celebrating the end of summer, one of the world's most famous electronic music bands of all time - Faithless - will perform on the stage of Unibet Arena on September 1st.
After an 8-year long hiatus, the creators of cult superhits Insomnia, God Is a DJ and One Step Too Far
are announcing "Champion Sound Tour", which promises visitors an unforgettable musical-visual adventure. In this regard, the involvement of the master of lights and visual effects Jvan Morandi, who has been responsible for the band's special visual signature since 2001, is of great importance.
Faithless core members Sister Bliss and Rollo admit: “We are nervous, but also very EXCITED. We know the show has to be something special: a celebration of our past, our musical loves, of [Maxi] himself and of course, our musical future.”
For subscribers of Piletilevi newsletter Piletipost, the special pre-sale starts on Wednesday, May 15th . General sale starting from Friday, May 17th, at 12.00.
Electronic, trance, trip-hop and house formation Faithless has been started in London in 1995, when multi-instrumentalist and composer Sister Bliss and producer Rollo got to know Maxi Jazz, who was active in hip-hop until then. Such a cocktail of different styles and interests turned out to be creatively sparkling and musically colorful. This is evidenced by millions of physical records and an average of 3 million listens on various platforms. The authoritative British music magazine Mixmag ranked Faithless 4th in the list of the greatest electronic bands of all time.
Already Faithless's debut album "Reverence" gusty entered the European charts (gold or even platinum status), with the singles Don't Leave, Salva Mea and of course Insomnia becoming classic hits of the group.
The second Faithless album "Sunday 8PM", released in 1998, continued the victory march with the singles Bring My Family Back, Take the Long Way Home and the most recognizable business card of them - God Is a DJ.
The album "No Roots", released in 2004, is significant on a global scale, in which Dido, LSK and Nina Simone contributed vocal parts in some compositions. The protest song Mass Destruction not only received a compliment from Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl ("this is the song I most wished I had written"), but was also quoted in the US Senate. Mass Destruction's scathing video highlights the relevance of bullying, terrorism and even genocide.
The band's latest studio album "All Blessed" was released in 2020. However, it is possible that some brand new compositions will also be played at the concert, as Sister Bliss and Rollo reveal that they are currently working in the studio, where new material is being created.
“I’ve been very industrious, and when I’m working I’m just super focused because there’s a story to tell,” tells Sister Bliss. “You realise the point of all of that angst you go through in the studio when you get to play your music to an audience and touch them or move them in some way.”
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Faithless - Live Tour 2024. Champion Sound Su 01/09/2024 20:00 Unibet Arena blackbox 51.50
Event Faithless - Live Tour 2024. Champion Sound
Date / Time Su 01/09/2024 20:00
Venue Unibet Arena blackbox
Price 51.50
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Unibet Arena
Paldiski mnt 104B Tallinn Põhja-Eesti Estonia
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+371 29137738
Reg. no: 16255156
Event Faithless - Live Tour 2024. Champion Sound
Date / Time Su 01/09/2024 20:00
Venue Unibet Arena blackbox
Price 51.50
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