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Apocalyptica 'Shadowmaker' on the 11th of July, in the remains of Pirita Monastery in Tallinn

The famous symphonic metal band Apocalyptica is coming to Estonia for a midsummer concert introducing their new album "Shadowmaker". On the 11th of July, in the remains of Pirita Monastery in Tallinn, one of the most successful cello metal bands, Apocalyptica, is performing live.


Apocalyptica - Cold Blood


Started by four cello students of the Sibelius academy in 1993 as a Metallica tribute band, Apocalyptica got their inspiration from the aforementioned, Metallica, but also Faith No More, Sepultura and Pantera. The band developed and gained popularity fast, eventually releasing albums with their very own music. 


In 2011, Apocalyptica performed as a guest of honor at Metallica's 30th birthday concert. 


Their music is charming, with a touch of mystery and a hint of romance of the 19th century - certainly something to look forward to in the oncoming July.


Tickets to Apocalyptica's "Shadowmaker" in the remains of the Pirita Monastery are on sale from April, 30th. First 100 tickets for 24 euros only. Tickets sold in all Piletilevi selling points across Estonia.