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Attention! CANCELLED: Today at 13.00 Dance Celebration II performance is cancelled

The promoters of Dance Celebration have been decided to cancel the II performance at 13.00 beginning time. Ticket to Dance Celebration II performance will be valid on Song Festival at July 2nd and ticket buyers can enjoy the performance on main ground.

Christmas Jazz 2017 headlined by Grammy nominated singer STACEY KENT!

American jazzsinger Stacey Kent is highly successful and deeply loved on jazzstages all around the world. The star’s beautiful and rich voice captivates the audience from the very first moments and her concerts on the world’s most prestigious jazzstages are often sold out. The Grammy nominated artist takes the Christmas Jazz stage together with her saxophonist husband Jim Tomlinson and the jazzorchestra of our dreams Estonian Dream Big Band. Tickets to the concert on 2nd of December in Tallinn on sale now!

Astana EXPO-2017 is the first International Exhibition held in a CIS country.

The EXPO activities are global events comparable to the world’s economy forums. Their touristic attractiveness is comparable to the world’s most popular sports competitions.


Sales start on 17.04.2017 10:00

Information on returns concerning Eros Ramazzotti concert

Piletilevi has received confirmation that Herman Stage Co SIA, the promoter company of Eros Ramazzotti concert, has won in Moscow Court of Arbitration. According to court decision company Global Communication (that signed a contract with the performer) is obliged to compensate to Herman Stage Co SIA for losses incurred by the 18th of January 2018.

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MIKA returns to Riga with a show in May 2016

On 22 May, British singer and songwriter Mika will perform at Arena Riga as part of the promotional tour of his latest album No Place in Heaven. His shows are always saturated with loads of energy and often literally explode in sparkles of positive emotions. The moods of his songs range from careless happiness to sentimental grief, from extravagant kitsch to childish playfulness. 


However, every time you meet Mika and his band one this is guaranteed - you will definitely enjoy a professional and high-class performance. 

Mika, whose real name is Michael Holbrook Penniman, Jr., is a Lebanese-born British singer and songwriter. His music career started in 2007 with the mind-blowing success of his debut single Grace Kelly, which sold more than 3 million copies. For five weeks it was number one in the UK Singles Chart and had similar success in the music charts of 6 other countries. Here in Latvia the situation was slightly different as the single needed to compete with other top hits of the same album, for example songs like Relax (Take It Easy), Lollipop and Big Girl (You Are Beautiful).



MIKA - Talk About You


His debut album Life in Cartoon Motion, which was number 1 in the UK and 11 other countries, sold more than 7 million copies. This is a truly impressive success nowadays, in times of rapid change.   


In 2009 Mika released his second studio album The Boy Who Knew Too Much, which continued on a path of success and was one of the top 10 albums in at least ten countries. The most well-known songs of this album are We Are Golden, Blame It On the Girls and Rain. 

His third studio album The Origin of Love was released in 2012. Although the album was generally recognised, the songs that earned most international acclaim were Celebrate featuring Pharrell Williams and Popular Song featuring Ariana Grande. 


In June 2015 Mika released his fourth studio album No Place in Heaven, from which the most popular song so far is Talk About You.


During his career Mika has sold more than 10 million copies of his albums and has earned Golden or even Platinum status in 32 countries. He has been nominated for and received numerous prestigious awards such as the Brit Awards and MTV Europe.

Sometimes Mika is even compared to artists like legendary Freddie Mercury, extravagant Elton John or American glampop stars Scissor Sisters.


Regardless of whom he might remind you of, Mika makes the audience believe that the world can transform into an amusement park during each show. As he has said in interviews: “It‘s a magical world that you could live in. A parallel universe for people that is illusory and enchanting and amazing.”

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