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HURTS is the main performer at Õllesummer Festival on Friday

It looks like the band can’t get enough of our audience and they will return on July 7th this summer to the Õllesummer Festival.

British synthpop duo HURTS reached the wider audience with their song “Wonderful Life”, which spread on YouTube like wildfire. Their next singles were also very popular and with the release of their debut album „Happiness“ in 2010, HURTS rose to the top of the charts. It’s safe to say that since 2009 the band has climbed upwards on their musical career ladder and continues to do so. 

Festival organisers are very pleased about the band finding time for Estonia in their busy tour schedule. It will be a happy reunion for both of them – HURTS gave a concert to the full house in 2014 at the Õllesummer Festival and this summer the concert area at the Song Festival grounds is expected to be crowded also. The band has said that Estonian audience is best for their music! Púr Múdd, a duo with local electronic sounds will be the warmup for HURTS. 

HURTS has released three studio albums: “Happiness”, “Exile” and “Surrender”, all of which have conquered the tops of the charts. Starting 2010 when Hurts entered the UK album charts, more than 1.2 million albums and over 3 million of their singes plus more than a quarter of million tickets to their fully booked tours have been sold. People close to the music industry have hinted that a new album can be expected from the band in summer, so we hope for new radio-hits. 

HURTS has co-operated with several world-famous musicians. The Australian singer Kylie Minogue sings on the track „Devotion“ from the first album; in „Help“ from the second album, Elton John accompanies the guys on the piano. Calvin Harris, the music producer, has added his vision to the tracks from Theo and Adam. 

On Wednesday, July 5th the British rock-band KASABIAN performs at Õllesummer Festival. They release a new album in April and will be headliners in several prestigious festivals. They’ve just come out with a dance single “You’re in Love with a Psycho”. On Thursday, July 6th a popstar Ёlka, referred to as Russian Rihanna, will take the stage. 

In addition to foreign performers, most of the Estonian well-known artist will perform on eight stages. Õllesummer Festival will take place at the Tallinn Song Festival grounds starting July 5th to July 8th for the 24th time. The price for 1 day ticket from the pre-sale is 20€ and the festival pass will cost 45€.