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'KINGS ON ICE' with a jubilee program in Tallinn !

'KINGS ON ICE' with a jubilee program in Tallinn !

On November 5, 2016, Tondiraba Ice Hall in Tallinn will hoste new season of a popular and internationally famous show “KINGS ON ICE” with the Olympic figure skating champions. The spectators will see: the all-time leader, two-time Olympic champion Jevgeni Plushenko, the Olympic champion Adelina Sotnikova, the two-time world champion Stephane Lambiel as well as other iconic figure skating stars. Musical accompaniment will be offered by virtuoso Edwin Marton who plays Stradivari violin.
Local promouter (TCC.ee), who have been operating in the sphere of entertainment for more than 10 years, present a leading world show of figure-skaters “KINGS ON ICE”, which is also 10-year-old this year. The jubilee tour starts from Baltic countries. 
In the year of 2015, the “KINGS ON ICE” in Tallinn got full house. This year, the ice arena stars are coming back to Estonia.
On November 5 Tallinn is going to see Jevgeni Plushenko, skating under accompaniment of the virtuoso violinist Edwin Marton, who will be playing on the legendary violin made by maestro Stradivari in 1697. Niccolo Paganini used to play that violin. 
Attention! A young and charming Queen of Ice Adelina Sotnikova, who has conquered millions fans and changed women’s single figure skating overnight, will perform in Estonia for the first time.
At Olympic games in Sochi, Adelina was the best! And what’s more – she became the first figure-skater in history of the Russian sport, who won Olympic gold in women’s single figure skating. “I had to feel myself the Queen. And I felt that here!” – told she on a day of her victory.
Sotnikova was called a prodigy in figure skating as when she was only 13 when she was able to do two extremely complicated cascades in one program: triple Lutz — triple Rittberger, and triple Salchow — triple Rittberger.
Tondiraba ice arena will host one more figure-skater who boasts a whole army of fans. The female fans buy up the whole sectors of seats for his performances in the “KINGS ON ICE” show. Can you guess his name? We can give you a clue: he is called the Little Prince and genius of rotation. So, one more King of Ice, who will present in Tallinn an incredible show, is a Swiss skater, Olympic silver medalist in men’s single figure skating in Turin, two-time world champion Stephane Lambiel.
Spectators in Estonia will meet once again a ten-time Check champion Tomas Verner. The main achievement in his sport career – a title of the European champion 2008. Regardless of the former competition, usual for all sportsmen, Verner is satisfied with performing together with Plushenko. “I am happy that we can skate on the arena not as the competitors, but as the friends. Of course, I always wanted to outplay him, but it changed nothing in my attitude to him: he is my friend. So, today we work in one team with one aim only: to make spectators happy”, - told Verner once.
One more bright and charming participant – a five-time champion of Finland Kiira Korpi. She is called the most beautiful figure-skater in the world. She has conquered the spectators and won hearts of fans with her radiant smile, beauty and charisma. 
Floran Amodio is also familiar to the fans of the “KINGS ON ICE”. This French figure-skater, representing men’s single skating, is the European champion, winner of the Junior Grand Prix, four-time champion of France. 
Ivan Rigini is a Russian and Italian figure-skater, who has been performing in single skating. A two-time champion of Russia among juniors, finalist of the Junior Grand Prix, a three-time champion of Italy. 
Elladj Balde represents the national Canadian figure skating team and one of the brightest skaters in men’s single figure skating. He was born in Moscow in (his mother is Russian and father from Guinea). Soon the family moved to Germany, and in 1992 – to Canada. 
In addition, spectators in Tallinn will see several outstanding pairs: Olympic champions in the team competition, champions of Europe, two-time European silver medalists, five-time champions of Russia, the world junior champions Ekaterina Bobrova and Dmiti Soloviov, аnd, besides, Anastasia Martjusheva and Konstantin Gavrin, Elena Jovanovitch and Nodari Maisuradze, Tatjana Rozanova and Aleksandr Jakushin.
Apart from the figure-skaters, the spectators will see an incredible and fascinating show with two acrobats – Ilja Gurylev and Aleksei Motorin.
The professionalism of the participants, the most beautiful musical accompaniment combined with special light and sound effects make this show a truly unforgettable event. There is more.  We promise a plenty of surprises, and the participants’ list is constantly expanding. In particular, the ice arena will be also given to the Estonian figure skating stars. All in all, the “KINGS ON ICE” show provide a unique opportunity to see a pool of talents on the same arena.
The tickets are on sale from 06 April in Piletilevi box-offices.   The same day TCC.EE will start a special action ‘Piletirally’, valid for all their events. Thus, a 30% discount on all tickets for the “KINGS ON ICE” show shall apply until 11 April! 
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