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LORD OF THE DANCE in Tallinn, Saku Suurhall

LORD OF THE DANCE in Tallinn, Saku Suurhall

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Lord of The Dance – a world-famous show by Michael Flatley, will take place in Saku Suurhall, and is now made into a new production called Dangerous Games


Good news: the most famous and colorful dance project of modernity Lord of the Dance, owned by the legendary King of Irish Dance - Michael Flatley, will be able to perform on March 17, 2015 in Saku Suurhall with the new fantastic program Dangerous Games.


Viewers will be able to enjoy not only masterful and exciting Irish dancing, but also they will also see how fantasy becomes a reality. That is because in the new production of the show Dangerous Games uses the latest stage technology, holographic effects, and even the big 3D screen by  Holo-Gauze technology.


If before you were able to see a similar show only on the screens of some science fiction film, then now, thanks to the modern equipment – you are also able to see this type of performance live on stage. Decorations for this large-scale show in Tallinn will be brought by five different trailers, the equipment will be installed using the skills of about a hundred people.


Tallinn will be hosting such big stars as James Keegan, Morgan Comer and Matthew Smith. In total, 40 young and talented dancers will perform on the stage. “I’m blown away by the remarkable talent and abilities of the great cast we’ve gathered,” - says choreographer and director Michael Flatley. The musical accompaniment is written by the master himself - Gerard Fahey.


Michael Flatley is the genius of our time. In 1995 he left the show Riverdance and created his own project Lord of the Dance, which became the main creation of his life.


Lord of the Dance was first introduced by FLatley in Dublin on July 28th, 1996. The story follows the character "Lord of the Dance", played by Flatley himself, and his fight against the evil dark lord "Don Dorcha" from taking over Planet Ireland. The show immediately won over the audience. Over the past 18 years approximately 20 million viewers have visited various productions of the show. A show with the same name Lord of the Dance was very successfully performed in Tallinn in April 2013 - the hall was full of spectators, the show caused unprecedented delight and the public demanded to bring some other forms of Lord of the Dance back to the stage.