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MEGADISCO - 150 minutes of immortal hit songs spanning two generations

5 November, Riga. Ķīpsala Hall

6 November, Tallinn. The new TALLINN ARENA


I Breath *One way ticket* Voyage Voyage *I’ve Been Thinking About You* ERUPTION *SANDRA* LONDONBEAT *DESIRELES* VACUUM

Special guest in Riga - Rassell & Sabina Berezina

Special guest in Tallinn - TBA


We do not believe in the phrase ‘dance while you’re still young’ because everyone who comes to this festival will certainly bust a move. Take a ‘one-way ticket’, just like in the famous beloved song by Eruption, and go to the breath-taking and groovy disco dance to see the heroes of the 80s and 90s dance scene. Video installations, scenery and fragments of your favourite TV scenes and clips from that time play simultaneously with your favourite performers singing their MEGAHITS on the stage.


This means that you will definitely hear the most fireproof disco hits in their original sound and performance, such as ‘One Way Ticket’, ‘I Can’t Stand The Rain’, ‘Go Johnny Go’ (Eruption). You will also hear the songs of a legendary performer and the vocalist of the bands Arabesque and Enigma, who later went solo and conquered entire continents with her beauty and the rhythm of her songs.


Get groovy with Sandra and her ‘Everlasting Love’, ‘Maria Magdalena’, ‘In the Heat of the Night’ and ‘Little Girl’. You will get real goose bumps when you’ll see with your own eyes the legendary queen of dance scene, whose song ‘Voyage Voyage‘ sold more than 3 million copies and became an international hit in 1987, and that is not counting ‘John’, ‘Qui sommes-nous quot’ and ‘Elle est comme les etoiles’.

And you will certainly not get a permission to leave from the beloved pop kings of the beginning of the 90s who sold millions of copies of their albums and became universally acknowledged - Londonbeat with their everlasting hit songs, such as ‘I’ve Been Thinking About You’, ‘Where Are You’, ‘Come Back’ and ‘You Bring On The Sun’. 


Vacuum truly became the new disco heroes of the 90s with their immortal hit song ‘I Breathe’, taking the music charts by storm all over the world, and there are still such songs as ‘Tonnes Of Attraction’, ‘Walk On The Sun’ and ‘Your Whole Life Is Leading Up to This’

Dance and feel like you have accidentally joined a mega dance party of your favourite past.