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Now on sale METALLICA concert parking tickets

Already on July 18th one of the most successful rock bands, METALLICA, will perform in Tartu at Raadi Airfield. Parking tickets also on sale now. 

Metallica concert’s official parking areas are open to visitors on 18th July from 9:00 am until 19th July 3:00 am. Entrance from Narva maantee and Pajula tee. Concert and parking area maps available here.

Following car park's rules is strictly mandatory for all occupants in the parking area. 

Parking is available for a fee. The number of parking spaces is limited. 

All entrants to the car park must have a valid concert ticket, which will be checked together with the parking ticket when entering the parking area with the vehicle. All official parking areas are unguarded. A parking space is guaranteed to the owner of a parking ticket purchased from the pre-sale, and is directed by the regulators. We strongly request drivers to follow the traffic rules and signs in the neighbourhood and parking area, as well as fulfil the orders, signals and instructions of the traffic control officers and regulators.

Parking ticket provides a one-time entry to the car park. In the interests of safety and security, the organiser has the right to not allow or to remove cars or people from the parking area.

The visitor is obliged to:
1. Follow posted signs and respect parking lot attendants.
2. Fulfil the orders and instructions of the regulators.
3. Only park in designated areas.
4. Follow laws, normative acts, generally accepted moral and behavioural standards.
5. Put the garbage only in designated areas.
6. At the request of the parking regulator, allow the car to be screened for security

Prohibited in the parking area:
1. Camping, making any kind of fire, consuming alcohol and staying without reason.
2. Using dangerous driving techniques (drifting, speeding, burning tires).
3. Any business and commercial activity without a written form of permission from the organiser.
4. Own and store dangerous things and items in the vehicle.
5. Climb on the ridges and access remote areas.

16:00 gates
18:30 Bokassa (nor)
19:30 Ghost (swe)
21:00 METALLICA (us)
23:30 curfew