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Concert of Dee Dee Bridgewater & Estonian Dream Big Band to be postponed to spring 2021

Due to the spread of COVID-19 in the world, the concert of Dee Dee Bridgewater (USA) & Estonian Dream Big Band, initially scheduled to take place on 21 April at Jazzkaar 2020 and then postponed to 3 November at Alexela Concert Hall, will be further postponed to take place in spring 2021. The new concert date will be specified as soon as possible.

Dirty Loops concert to take place in November

The organising team of Jazzkaar 2020 announces that the concert of Dirty Loops will be postponed to a later date. Due to the illness of a band member, Dirty Loops will not be able to perform at Jazzkaar on 9 October. The band’s Estonian concert will be postponed to 27 November.

Piletilevi’s announcement regarding the extension of a state of emergency in the Republic of Estonia

The Government of the Republic extended the length of the emergency situation until the May, 17th. Piletilevi will handle all operations related to the postponed or cancelled events as soon as we have been given the needed information from the promoters. If the event You have purchased a ticket for is postponed or cancelled, we will contact You as soon as possible. We will send an e-mail letter to all the owners of PDF-tickets and add the information to our website, which You can find on your event’s page at You don’t need to contact us personally.


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Piletilevi’s announcement regarding the establishment of a state of emergency in the Republic of Estonia

Due to the state of emergency established by the Government of the Republic on 12 March 2020, all public gatherings in the Republic of Estonia are prohibited until 1 May 2020. This means that pursuant to law, no cultural and entertainment events can take place during this period. In this regard, we urge all clients to exercise patience until event organisers have worked out definite postponement or cancellation plans, laid down the terms and conditions for exchanging or refunding purchased tickets, and the necessary resources have been allocated.

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RagnaRÖCK & Wrestling 2020 Supershow

31.10.2020 @ Rock Cafe
Tallinn, Estonia
On Saturday, October 31 at Rock Cafe in Tallinn, Estonia, a mega-event unlike any other ever before on Baltic soil will take place – RagnaRÖCK & Wrestling 2020 supershow, featuring Estonia's premiere heavyweight metal band, Metsätöll, in concert alongside SLAM! Wrestling Finland's international line-up of six world-class professional wrestling matches.

Metsätöll has risen to international acclaim and popularity in recent years, becoming the biggest metal music act that Estonia has ever witnessed. With seven full-length studio albums behind them, this folk metal powerhouse carries potent themes of war, nature, mythology and history in their music. Metsatöll's song titles and lyrics make heavy use of archaic Estonian language and imagery, which often don't allow for direct English translations. The band's popularity is unmatched in the Baltics and this special rock & wrestling themed event is also a first for this Estonian metal monolith!

SLAM! Wrestling Finland is bringing the live sports entertainment phenomena established by the very first recognized professional wrestling world champion (in 1905), Estonia's own George Hackenschmidt, back to Estonia in honor of the legacy and cultural significance of the legendary Hackenschmidt himself.

With six big, international superbouts on the card at Rock Cafe in Tallinn, the wrestling portion of the event will be crowned with a world heavyweight title match, as Austria's powerhouse and EWA (European Wrestling Association) reigning world champion, Chris ”Bambikiller” Raaber, puts his prestigious world title on the line against the ”Wildman” Heimo Ukonselkä of Finland!  13-year ring veteran and former 3-time German heavyweight champion Ukonselkä is a perfect choice of contender for this Halloween-themed main event match, as his painted face and viking image coincides with both folk metal in the vein of Metsätöll and with Halloween in general.

In addition, see the amazing, larger-than-life, charismatic superstars of European pro wrestling LIVE in action on October 31, such as England's ”The Golden Amazon” Heidi Katrina, ”The Canadian Rebel” StarBuck, Sweden's Helena Sixt, ”Metal Warrior” Stark Adder of Finland, Italy's top gun Fabio Ferrari, Germany's Lexa Valo, Estonia's own Mikk Vainula and many, many more in tag team matches, Triple Threat matches and a variety of singles matches!

Be sure to make plans to join us for an amazing night of unforgettable action, excitement and thrills at RagnaRÖCK & Wrestling 2020 supershow on October 31 at Rock Cafe in Tallinn!  Event open to all ages, kids welcome accompanied by adult.

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